Kevin Sheehan At Scientific Games

Leading the Pack as CEO

Kevin Sheehan is the Senior Advisor,  Director and former CEO and President of Scientific Games, where he had great success increasing the market capitalization from $700 million to $5.6 billion in just under two years. Prior to Scientific Games, Sheehan served as CEO and President of Norwegian Cruise Line for seven years, where he increased the market evaluation from under $1 billion to $11 billion. Sheehan infused his unwavering skills and talent in finances, strategy and operations into growing these global companies and creating shareholder value for all key stakeholders.

Scientific Games in Las Vegas

Scientific Games is a world leader in gaming technology and entertainment, committed to innovating and revolutionizing the way land-based and digital games, sports betting and platforms are delivered in regulated markets. The company employs 9,500 employees, has 150 offices on 6 continents, and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The four divisions that make up the business are Gaming, Lottery, Social and Digital.

A Numbers Man

After settling into the position of President and CEO, Kevin Sheehan’s performance was nothing short of remarkable, as he generated financial growth and pushed the envelope on new product innovations. Sheehan used his financial acumen and influence to repeat his playbook for success at Scientific Games. It comes as no surprise then that the December 31, 2017 annual report showcases growth in all business segments; a 7% increase in revenue, amounting to $3.08 billion, compared to the previous year; an increase in operating income from $130.6 million to $393.1 million over the past 12 months. Under Kevin’s leadership, Scientific Games’ market capitalization increased from $700 million to $5.6 billion in just under two years.

To top off the impressive growth experienced at Scientific Games, the company is poised to continue its growth trajectory in 2018. With its recent acquisition of NYX Gaming Group and the formation of its new digital division, the company is well positioned to be a major player in digital and sports betting.

A major reason for all these successes? Kevin Sheehan. Under his direction,  the company has been laser-focused on top-line growth through operational improvements and new, organic growth in every business division. Sheehan created a cohesive, collaborative executive team, developed and executed a cohesive business growth strategy, established open lines of communication and empowered employees to elevate their game, resulting in sustainable growth.

Fierce Competition Doesn’t Get in Sheehan’s Way

Gaming is one of the most competitive industries in the world, let alone Las Vegas. The gaming industry is over-saturated with strong global suppliers and a plethora of new startups, highly constrained by government regulations in hundreds of jurisdictions, and has experienced declines in new casino openings. Additionally, as a result of a series of acquisitions, Scientific Games was highly leveraged. These challenges excited Kevin Sheehan. He embraced the opportunity to step up to the competition, get the right people on his executive team, focus on innovation and work to deleverage the company. The company’s financial success is in large part a result of Kevin Sheehan’s executive leadership.